Muscle Activation Brighton™️    Getting to the root of pain and muscle tightness.

Get Activated™️ - A Programme of Isometrics

Are you suffering from muscle tightness, weakness, instability and mobility issues?

Using specific isometric exercises at the correct duration and intensity, we can instantly improve muscle function, joint mobility, reduce muscle tightness (which can lead to pain), and we can better prepare the body for sports, exercise and life...

Ryan's Get Activated™️practical manual of isometrics is a head to toe programme of isometric exercises designed to help reduce muscle tightness and improve mobility and stability of all the major joints in the body, instantly!

This manual includes 28 different isometric exercises with full written instructions along with full colour photographic demonstrations on how to perform each exercise and includes detailed instructions on how and when to use these exercises.

Results are immediate!

Because the results are immediate, these isometrics may be performed immediately prior to a specific exercise such as the Bench Press or Squats where you want to improve mobility, stability, strength and performance in that particular exercise.

The isometric exercises may also be used sequentially as a full body pre-workout preparation routine, as an 'active recovery' routine on your days off, or as a daily morning routine (as a replacement to stretching) to prime the neuromuscular system ready for the day.

Order a copy of Ryan's Get Activated™️Programme of Isometrics today and start feeling stronger and more mobile right away!

A4 Spiral Bound Manual (as pictured above) - £47.95 (includes postage to UK only):

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A4 Spiral Bound Manual AND eBook (save 20%) - £57.95: