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Ryan's collection of 52 simple and delicious HIGH-PROTEIN recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options. Includes a 2 week meal planner, grocery shopping lists and nutritional information for each recipe.

What are people saying about Ryan's HIGH-PROTEIN recipe pack?

Whether your intensions are to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way or just to pick up some new meal ideas, or perhaps a bit of both, then Ryan's high protein recipe pack has you covered.

The recipes are designed as such so that each meal is interchangeable, so if you wish to vary things up from the 2 weekly meal planners already laid out for you then you can just mix and match with all your favourite recipes.

A blank weekly meal planner template and shopping list is also included so you can print them out and create your own meal plans and shopping lists if you wish.

5 INGREDIENT Recipe Pack

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VEGAN Recipe Pack

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LOW-CARB Recipe Pack

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