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Personal Training

Exercise can either help you or hurt you. For this reason I take your programme design very seriously. I take a very personalised approach to creating the best possible exercise programmes to meet you wherever you are currently at with your fitness and general abilities to enable you to reach your goals as safely and efficiently as possible. 

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Personal Nutrition

80% of changing how your body looks and feels comes down to what you eat. I provide you with fully personalised nutrition plans taking into account your total daily energy needs along with your goals, lifestyle and food preferences. 

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Personal Online Coaching/Training

With the advances in online technology and the fact that almost everyone owns a device with internet access nowadays, more and more people are seeking out professional help and guidance from experts online. 

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Muscle Activation Techniques®

Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) is a form of manual therapy designed to evaluate and treat muscular imbalances. MAT® looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help protect and stabilise the joints. 

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Muscle Activation Online

In order for more people around the globe to gain access to Ryan's expertise in injury rehab and restoring muscle function, in 2014 Ryan created an online system he calls QRT™️ (Qualitative Restore Technique™️). Since then he has been successfully using the principles of MAT® to deliver effective treatment sessions via Skype.

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