The difference between good and great is attention to details.


Richard Jones


"I've tried a lot of personal trainers, but Ryan is on another level. What I liked about Ryan was his enthusiasm and his knowledge in both training techniques and diet. With him I lost a total of over 20 kilos (over 3 stone) and that includes the muscle mass I gained. My waistline went from 114cm (45 inches) to 88.7 cm (35 inches). It has made a tremendous impact on my life. I no longer have back pain, I feel more confident, and just feel so much healthier."*


Phil Coupland


"If you're looking to get healthy, change your body and improve the quality of your life then I'd recommend Ryan 100%. I've used other trainers previously and honestly learned more in a week with Ryan than I had in 6 months with the other ones!"


You and I both know that there are hundreds of Personal Trainers in Brighton for you to choose from. So I would like to share with you ten reasons why I am asking you to give me the privilege of working with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals:

1. The reassurance that you're in safe hands; I have been helping people like yourself for over 16 years to safely achieve better health, fitness and happiness.

2. My expertise means that I will work with you relentlessly to help you to succeed.

3. The truly tailored and personalised approach to my resistance training (as unbelievable as this sounds, only a tiny minority of Personal Trainers actually do this!) using the Resistance Training Specialist® (RTS®) methodology; the understanding of physics, biomechanics and the mechanics of exercise, helps to maximise your exercise experience, increase your chances of getting maximum results in the shortest possible time all whilst minimising your risk of injury.

4. I am fully qualified to the advanced level on the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS Level 4), have full world-wide public liability and professional indemnity insurance and I have a proven track record.

5. I am a fully qualified Nutrition Adviser so I'm qualified to help you with your diet and nutrition to whatever level of intervention you feel you might need. I also have access to a genetics testing lab in Austria where we're able to use the cutting edge branch of medical science Nutrigenetics to determine whether you are "Carbohydrate Sensitive" or "Fat Sensitive", allowing true personalisation of your diet based on your DNA, if you wish to explore that route.

6. I am the only certified Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist in Brighton and 1 of only 2 others in the entire UK. So with regards to the health and function of your muscle system, I can help you on a level that no other Personal Trainer in Brighton can.

7. I guarantee you personal attention. I am punctual, I will return your calls and emails promptly and do whatever it takes to help make your goals a success.

8. As a valued client of mine you'll get exclusive FREE access to my VIP Inner Zone membership. This includes a private forum where you can interact with my other clients for added support and motivation along with access to my 16+ years of knowledge in the form of articles, blog posts and discussions.

9. As a PHILLIPS-FIT client you also get exclusive access to the world's No.1 brand in vitamins/minerals & dietary supplements.

10. So that you can put me to the test, I offer you a FREE no obligation consultation during which I will ascertain whether I can help you and you can decide if I am the person to help you to achieve your goals.

Rob Bates


"I had been concerned about my weight and fitness for several years and embarked on training with other personal trainers three times over the last ten years. Each time my progress faltered after a few months and I slipped back again. However, over the last year I have trained three times each week in the gym and only missed two sessions - because the road was closed due to snow! Put it down to working with a personal trainer whose enthusiasm is completely infectious."*


Mrs M


"I had already been having doubts regarding the place I'd been attending for the past 8 years so I contacted Ryan. In principle, it only took a change of mind set to effortlessly achieve what I had failed to do in the previous 8 years."*


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