Muscle Activation Brighton™️    Getting to the root of pain and muscle tightness.

Do you have inactive Glutes? 

Are you suffering from weak/inhibited Glutes...?

If your Glutes are inhibited it doesn't matter how many Bridges, Clamshells or other so called "Glute Activation" exercises you do, they'll remain inhibited until you get them truly activated with an intervention such as Muscle Activation Techniques® or MAT® for short...

My client Anna had inhibited Glutes for years despite training them frequently with all kinds of exercises -  until now, after about 30 minutes of MAT® treatment they're finally working!

BEFORE: Anna's right side Glutes were clearly not firing and she could barely lift her leg off the table (approx. 7° at best!) 

AFTER: I treated all 3 divisions of her Glutes and her Glute Medius Posterior fibers which took less than 10 minutes and her mobility increased by 2.5 times. 

At her next session I then had to treat the remaining 7 muscles responsible for hip extension as they were all inhibited too! This took about 20 minutes and her hip extension increased from 18º to 27º. Anna now has 4 times more range available and fully activated Glutes! 

This is not just a short term improvement that you might expect to get from stretching, so called "activating exercises" or anything else, these are long term improvements in muscle function using true neurological muscle activation using Muscle Activation Techniques®.

You may have been struggling to get your Glutes firing despite doing endless Glute Bridges, Clams, Donkey Kicks, Bird Dogs and so on... 

The reason is because there's a piece of the puzzle (an initial step that's absolutely essential *before* doing all this other stuff) that almost everyone is missing, even most Physios!

The term "Muscle Activation" is thrown around willy nilly in the fitness and rehab world and can mean a whole bunch of different things to different people but the common methods used to "activate" muscles yield mostly short term results at best (short term potentiation) and over the long term usually only reinforce compensation patterns (the strong muscles getting stronger whilst the inhibited muscle stay weak and the muscle imbalances are magnified).

Whether you have inactive Glutes or not, you might be interested to find out the root cause of pain and muscle tightness and how to fix it, so why not come along to my MAT® workshop on Saturday the 27th July to learn all about true "Muscle Activation" and discover the techniques that we MAT® Specialists use on a daily basis to get clients back to pain free exercise and more importantly, pain free life!

As far as injuries are concerned, let me know in the form below what areas of the body you're concerned with and I'll see if I can send you some tips and advice by email specific to you to help you out. The more info you can provide me in the comments box the better I'll be able to help you. I'll also keep you posted on the up coming MAT® workshops in Brighton.