It's a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which one's body is capable.

Muscle Activation Techniques® Testimonials

"I was involved in a nasty head on collision 10 days ago resulting in whiplash and a considerable amount of neck and upper back pain, muscle tightness and a severe loss of function. Despite trying the stretches the physio recommended for the last 10 days, I hadn't made any noticable improvements in mobility and the pain was still as bad. After my 60 minute Skype MAT session with Ryan, my mobility had improved greatly and the pain and discomfort had almost completely gone!" Mafalda Braga

"I've been suffering from lower back pain for 10 years and it started to feel unbearable. After trying all sort of things without any results, I found Ryan with MAT and I have to admit that it changed my life. The pain decreased considerably after first two sessions. Ryan's knowledge and passion for this amazing technique helped me in a time when i almost lost any hope. I am forever grateful and highly recommend!" Cristina Imre

"I'd gotten myself into a place where I was having repetitive physical symptoms mainly in my left side of my body. I was getting a lot of shoulder pain and a lot of hip pain. I've always been someone who's had a physical lifestyle, a lot of sport, a lot of activity and personal fitness stuff and it was becoming really restrictive. I'd been trying the usual conventional routes - going for regular Physiotherapy, Chiropractic treatments, self help stuff like yoga, and a lot of passive stretching and it just wasn't changing anything. I was fluctuating from pain that I was coping with, to debilitating periods where my back would lock up or my shoulder would get to the point were I couldn't actually do what I wanted to do in my life. I came across MAT through the Karl Morris podcast and there was an immediate spark went off that everything Ryan was talking about was making sense on my own journey. I immediately got in touch and we started the journey from there.

MAT has helped me immeasurably! I've gone from coping with physical pain on a daily basis to an overall change in my ability to do things. I no longer have restrictive pain and if I've played cricket on a Saturday I can plan to do things on the Sunday... I can still go out on my bike, or run 10 miles not having to worry about looking after my hip for 3 days afterwards which has truly changed how I outlook on what I can do with my life. My self awareness/body awareness has hugely increased too so I can look out for my body better and think of it more like an integrated system. I have the knowledge and sense now to use my body as it was designed to be used so that I don't break it. I'm in my late 40's and I can physically stress my body now in a way that probably goes beyond what I was doing in my 20's. I can now tell the difference between physical overload and when the system is being used in a proper way but just worked hard, to the system is being worked in the wrong way and it doesn't like it. A good example of that is I go on a cycling tour once a year and will ride for couple of days 100 miles a day. In the years prior to MAT, I'd get anxiety leading up to it because I knew I'd have to deal with all the aftermath of that pain in my shoulder and hip and have to take ages to recover from it. This year (post MAT) and I just enjoyed the physical tiredness - I didn't have any compensatory pain. I did 2 days on the bike, and had a day off and the next day I was out for a run! Having my muscles working properly allowed me to physically exert myself safely and just enjoy pushing myself which was also great for my mental health.

You will learn more about yourself through this process than probably anything else you'll do in your life and you will not make a better investment in your life! I would say that anyone who has similar issues to me - repetitive pain problems, clear disfunctionality that is leading to compensatory pain - you will know that it's compensatory pain and not physical exertion pain if you're lying in bed and you've not really done much for 3 days and your muscles still hurt, that's not physical exertion that's compensatory pain and it's because your body is telling you it's not working in the right way. If you're having those issues in your life and you feel that way about things, then I'd give MAT a shot and see if you feel the same connection I did, see if you feel the same belief I do and if you do then I'd highly recommend you embrace it and move forward with it." Graham Catley 

"Over the years I have run many 10K and Half marathon races, as well as a couple of full distance marathons. I love it and wish I could do more of it without being held back all the time by injury. At some point, I had gotten stuck in what felt like a series of never-ending injuries that prevented me from running as much as I wanted, as far as I wanted, and kept me from competing in races and reaching my full potential. Often I was either not running at all or was limited to short distances of just a couple of kilometers. I had treated injuries with rest + ice + physio and strengthening exercises yet it was hard to identify a single underlying cause. Something new always seemed to pop up. Having failed to fundamentally resolve the issues, I eventually came across MAT and started working with Ryan. He quickly identified areas of muscle weakness that limited my movements and stability and that prevented me from having a full range of motion. Ryan is very knowledgeable and explains things well. After a few MAT sessions, I started to improve and was able to build out my workouts again. As I kept improving, I recently managed to run a full marathon again.. Thank you Ryan!" Maarten

"I've struggled with my right shoulder/neck and back for years. I tend to sleep on my front with my neck turned to the left. I woke up one morning and it was locked and very painful on my right side. The pain was usually a 3-4/10 constant in the background but when it flared up like this, which happened every couple of weeks, it could get up to a 10/10 and I would be unable to even turn my head at all. If I'd been spending too much time at the laptop it would always flare up.

I'd been doing yoga every day, which did seem to help it, but the same issue kept recurring. The yoga was obviously not fixing the problem, only keeping on top of the tightness. I'd also tried massage which helped but only for a couple of days and then the pain and tightness would come right back.

During my initial consultation, Ryan gave me some advice about how to make the yoga safer for me. I started implementing this right away. We had our first online MAT session a month later and during those 4 weeks although my neck still felt tight, I didn't have any big pain flareups, which I can only attribute to the great advice Ryan gave me on the yoga and stretching.

After the first online MAT treatment my neck felt much looser and more mobile. After the second session things were feeling really good and I had no pain in my neck or my back at all. A couple more sessions later and despite spending hours at the laptop, travelling, flights, and sleeping in different places, which all would have been triggers before, I didn't have a single flareup and no tightness in my right shoulder at all. There was just one occasion where I woke up with a stiff neck. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as it used to be and it went away on it's own by the end of the day.

It's been 1 year since I started MAT with Ryan, doing on average one online session a month and I can honestly say that I've been pain/tightness/flareup free ever since and my posture is much better too! If you're suffering from pain or tightness and have tried everything else but nothing seems to fix it then I'd highly recommend you give Ryan a call to see if he can help you too!" Emma Pickering

"I contacted Ryan after hearing him on the Karl Morris golf podcast. I'd spent the last 10 years or so regularly attending the physio due to suffering pain / burning in the right shoulder brought on by golf, gym and time at work. The shoulder blade was winged , it sat lower and forward compared to the left one.

The treatment at the physio generally involved my neck being released ( awful cracking noise ) acupuncture and some soft tissue manipulation. Whilst it provided temporary pain relief it never provided a solution to the problem.

With Ryan we treated all the muscles that hold the shoulder in place and the before and after pictures show it's now sat in a much better position. Importantly the pain has gone and I'm able to play golf without the burning feeling after the round. I also now know what exercises to do to strengthen the muscles that will keep it sat in the correct position." David Oversby

Ryan on the Karl Morris Podcast - Part 1

Ryan on the Karl Morris Podcast - Part 2

"I have been dealing with back pain since I was just 13 years old. Being an active individual, playing football and rugby from an early age, I always struggled with lumbar lordosis and tightness in my hips and lower back. Unfortunately, between the ages of 18 and 30, I let my fitness level decline, gaining weight and neglecting exercise. It wasn't until recently that I made the decision to turn my life around, hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and working with a personal trainer.

However, my journey to fitness hit a roadblock when I experienced a significant flare-up in my lower back while doing back squats at the gym. The pain was excruciating, causing me to be laid up for a week and relying on painkillers for relief. I sought help from an osteopath, but my pain was so severe that they couldn't do much to alleviate it. Two years ago, an MRI scan revealed degeneration in my L5/S1 disc and the early stages of degeneration in L4/5.

On top of my chronic back pain, I also experienced lateral knee pain on and off since the end of January. I could go through long periods with consistent pain in my back and hips for several months at a time, with a couple of major flare-ups each year. Every time I attempted back squats, it would trigger my pain. It seemed like something was always off, and the pain affected my mental health as well. My hips were constantly tight, causing constant discomfort and annoyance.

In addition to my back, knee and hip issues, I started experiencing shooting pain in my left shoulder during lateral raises and horizontal pushing exercises. This problem had recently emerged and seemed to worsen as of February this year. Even everyday tasks like reaching for objects would cause twinges of pain, generally experiencing a 3/10 intensity. However, after a "Push Day" at the gym, the pain would escalate to a 6/10. I sought advice from a physiotherapist who diagnosed it as Long Head of Biceps tendinitis, but the massages I received only offered temporary relief.

Given the magnitude of my pain and its impact on my daily life, I was desperate for a solution. That's when I discovered Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and then found Ryan. I decided to give it a try, and it has been nothing short of transformative. With MAT, I finally found a comprehensive approach that addresses the underlying muscular imbalances and weaknesses contributing to my pain.

With 9 visits to see Ryan totalling 25 hours of MAT treamtent, I have experienced remarkable improvements in my overall well-being. By targeting and activating specific muscles, Ryan has helped me alleviate my chronic back pain of 20 years, reduce tightness in my hips and alleviate my knee and shoulder pain. I can now perform exercises that previously caused flare-ups without experiencing debilitating pain.

Not only has MAT improved my physical condition, but it has also positively influenced my mental health. The constant pain used to wear me down, but with MAT, I've regained control over my body and feeling strong, stable and flexible. No longer am I constantly plagued by discomfort and frustration.

I am truly grateful for discovering Ryan and Muscle Activation Techniques. This approach has changed my life, allowing me to pursue my fitness goals without being hindered by pain. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who is tired of living in pain and seeking a comprehensive and effective solution. With MAT, you can regain control over your body and experience the freedom to live your life to the fullest." Niall McCarthy

"Put simply Ryan's MAT is a game changer. This is a method that switches on muscles that have become inactive over time. Session two realigned my pelvis using muscle activation and this alone has changed my strength, stability and range of motion for walking and running to a massive degree. Even everyday functional movement like using stairs is much easier for me now. I no longer avoid movement and exercise for fear of the pain and discomfort and the benefits keep coming with every treatment. Comparing the cost to that of osteo, chiro, physio, etc., which rarely resolves the muscular root cause and can be a huge and never-ending expense is a no brainer. So treat yourself and your body if nothing else is working because this will. Save up if you need to but don't pass MAT by - it's a solution for your body, not a band aid. Thanks Ryan!" Jinny Nash

"Been having online MAT training with Ryan because of a very painful knee which was really affecting my day to day living. Ryan has been amazing and the pain has completely gone! Every day tasks such as getting out of bed in the mornings use to be so painful and would take a good 5 minute's before I could walk around properly! I am amazed by how well this has worked for me being online and would highly recommend Ryan's services x" Jessie Cawse

"I'd heard Ryan on a podcast talking about the process and sought him out to see if MAT could alleviate knee discomfort following an injury l'd sustained two years prior which physio hadn't fully resolved. MAT has not only reduced my knee pain but also significantly improved my overall mobility in a way that no amount of stretching could have achieved. The fact that you can complete it from the comfort of your own home is added bonus. I couldn't speak highly enough of MAT and would recommend it to anyone experiencing pain, discomfort or simply wanting to improve their mobility." Chris Williams

"I've had tight hamstring and flexibility problems for decades but for the last 6 months I was really struggling with my lower back, left knee and hip. Doing bent over rows - morning pain/stiffness, putting socks on - back pain was a 5-6/10 every day to varying degrees. I was getting shooting pains in my left knee during squats which limited me to how much strength I could build. My left hip was bad too, for example I couldn't ride a motorbike without it cramping up and then being painful for the rest of the day. I was a bit of a wreck to be honest! I'd do well for a while on a new programme then would always get injured (left knee, or lower back would go).

Over the last 20 years I'd tried stretching, foam rolling, Physio and Chiro but nothing really helped. I live in Thailand so we had to do MAT online via Skype video calls. To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first but I'm amazed at how effective this actually was! Ryan's instructions and directions were clear to follow and he's obviously knows his stuff and had years of experience.

After the first session my hip already felt looser. After the second session I felt noticeably more stable walking up stairs but still had some back pain. Several more sessions later and my hip didn't cramp up on the motorbike anymore. After about 10 sessions the back, hip and knee pain had all gone and I felt much more stable and mobile. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, Ryan can help you online from anywhere so give him a call if you're struggling. I can't thank Ryan enough for fixing my broken body!" Christopher Smith

"My Personal Trainer recommended I get in touch with Ryan about trying Muscle Activation Techniques. I had been going to bootcamp sessions where I was doing weights and as such I had experienced a flare up of old back pain. I'd also started a new office job which saw me sitting a lot more.

I was also suffering with planter fasciitis in my right foot and have previously had patella tendonitis in my right knee and I partially ruptured my right Achilles tendon and ended up in plaster 19 years ago so I wondered if it was all linked.

I've tried dry needling and osteopathy on my back in the last 2 years but while it seemed to help in the short term, the problem kept coming back. The last flare up was particularly bad and the pain in my heel made it difficult to walk.

Ryan sorted my back problem out first which allowed me to get back to my bootcamp training and despite all the heavy lifting, 12 months on and I haven't had any back issue at all. We then started on the plantar fasciitis problem and made noticeable progress fairly quickly but the nature of my old Achilles' tendon injury means it's fairy slow progress. We've come a long way though and I always feel better after doing the exercises Ryan gave me to do at home.

If you're in pain and lucky enough to live in the same area as Ryan then I'd highly recommend you get in touch to see how he can help you." Louise Mimnagh

"Ryan fixed my shoulder, I have no pain anymore and The range of movement has improved significantly. I am very pleased with the results after just one session." Sian Hughes

"I highly recommend Ryan. His knowledge & skills are excellent. I'm all about treating the underlying issue, and not symptom management. No Chiropractic, Massage or physio has got me anywhere near the physiological change that MAT does in terms of improving/restoring function. When people realise that you never need to, or should stretch a tight muscle as it's just an indicator of weakness/dysfunction in other parts of the muscular system, and that MAT can restore function, they'll perform at their best." Steve Hawes

"I had been suffered with pain in my back and weakness in my left leg and ankle for 5 years. My leg and ankle would just give way during any sudden movements. I couldn't walk for very long because everything just got so tired and painful and I had to stop exercising all together. I was so unstable on my feet that I couldn't even wear high heels anymore and because I couldn't move properly or exercise I gained weight and was feeling really depressed. I'm only 30 years old but felt like I was 80!

I'd seen different Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physios which sometimes helped the pain for a while but sometimes made me feel even worse. Stretching helped in the short term but the pain would come back again. I knew all these things weren't really helping but I didn't know what else to do. I had MRI's done at the Montefiore Hospital which showed there were no structural problems with my spine, pelvis or ankle. Nobody could find what was wrong with me, I felt hopeless and feared I'd be like this forever.

Then my friend told me about Ryan and Muscle Activation Techniques and that I should give it a try. When Ryan started testing my muscles it became obvious that all my problems were coming from my muscles being too weak. During the first MAT treatment Ryan activated some of my back muscles and I could already notice a difference in how I felt. All my hip muscles were weak and inhibited so over the next few sessions Ryan activated my hip muscles and then my foot muscles and after a few more sessions I was back to walking completely normally again, my back pain went away and I felt more stable on my feel. I'm even going running now which I've never done before. It took 18 sessions in total to get me back to normal again but it was worth every penny and I can't thank Ryan and his Muscle Activation Techniques enough for literally giving me my life back!" Holly McKerrell

Mark Norris

"Last year i pretty much thought that I was superhuman and ran 4 half marathons including an ill advised last of the season in October on an already injured ankle. This was not wise and advice from the doctors did not really expand far beyond rest it and you'll get better. Luckily a friend advised me to go and see Ryan at the start of this year and try out MAT.

Now i was a bit sceptical but more than fed up of being sidelined from running, and was really amazed to be running again after 6 sessions without any pain. Having addressed a number of issues and starting to work on isometric exercises as well (these really work) I am back 'racing' with a 10k under my belt already for the year and feeling confident about the half marathon I'm signed up for in June. Who knows i may even finally beat that nemesis 2 hour 30 mins goal with Ryan's help. Thanks Ryan for getting me back out there!" Suzan Slater

"Ryan has been treating my husband Reg who has had long standing back pain due to 3 prolapsed discs. Reg has been to countless physio's with next to no good results. Reg is going back to work tomorrow after 2 months off with his back and now pain free, thanks to Ryan and MAT. Ryan is very knowledgeable and his treatment is absolutely amazing to witness as the results are fantastic. We both can not thank and praise Ryan enough. He has sacrificed 3 Sunday afternoons to treat Reg as this was the only day we could make the appointment. In our opinion, anyone in pain should go and have an assessment with Ryan. It worked for Reg and I now have a happy hubby again." Gail Brake-Regan

"Ryan is fantastic! Very knowledgable and really sorts your problems out by getting to the root cause. MAT is fantastic, no pummelling/cracking or pain! And it works!!!" Sara Cahill

"I was in real pain with my left hip and thigh when I started personal training. After several weeks of trying to work through the pain alternating with periods of rest, the pain was travelling down my left leg and I was in agony. My trainer recommended Ryan's MAT to me and he responded very quickly with an appointment the same week. Ryan was able to re-activate a number of muscles in my back during my first appointment which immediately alleviated the pain I was in. Over the next few sessions, the pain completely went and it was easier to train. I've used Ostepaths and Chiropractors in the past but I've found MAT quicker and more effective and will probably be visiting Ryan again in the future." Angela Savage

"If you're wondering whether MAT treatment is for you, then my story might help. I have a painful foot injury caused by my posture/gait. I've tried lots of physio and massage therapy to get me back to 'normal' but nothing so far has helped. I tried MAT, through Ryan, because the theory behind the treatment made a lot of sense to me. When I saw Ryan, he showed me that my left leg was 1cm shorter than my right, simply through my muscles being out of alignment (my words, probably not the words Ryan would use). This was likely to be the cause of my foot injury and the reason it wasn't getting any better. By the end of two treatments my legs were the same length and my stability was much greater. I found that I was standing straighter and not twisting my legs to stand and walk more comfortably. There's still some way to go, and I have some 'prescribed' exercises to do for a while but the treatment was so much more effective in such a short space of time that I now feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that I'll be back to being able to run and walk without pain and discomfort. I really think this is the sensible way to treat injury and body dysfunction and it's working for me, so I'd urge you to give it a try. You have everything to gain!" Emma

"I saw like 20 different therapyst from the area of traditional physioterapy, different acupunctures, regular doctors in Sport Hospital, different massages, chiropractors and I've made more progress since I saw you [1 session] than any time during the past 1.5 years. The race went very well, I finished 3rd overall, and won the age group above 40 with course record. Physically, I had no problem before, during and after the race. Since the treatment I have had no tightness/pain around my right TFL area when turning my right leg inwards. After 1.5 years it is strange/unusual, but good! I've checked it several times if it comes back but fortunately not :)" Zoltan

"Ryan is very dedicated personal trainer and MAT specialist. After my back injury (my hernia exploded and I was paralised from the waist down) he massively helped me in recovery and after he treated all my week muscles so I could get back to gym. Not mentioning that with his help in nutritional advice i lost all that extra weight i gained during I was recovering from the injury. Now I do cardio in the mornings and weight training including deadlifts and squats in the gym and most importantly I can wear high hills again. So thank you Ryan for your patience, dedication and expertise." Maria Abramjan

"I can't say enough about the MAT therapy Ryan can provide for you. I was inactive for over 16 years due to a heart issue. When I finally wanted to be active again I ran into so many obstacles. From collapsed arches to angry IT bands, sore hip flexors, and massive muscle loss from knee surgery. Many would have given up a long time ago. But I kept at it, and luckily was in Ryan's boot camp. Our personal training sessions became MAT sessions out of necessity and I can say, with much happiness, that yesterday I ran a HALF marathon! To sustain running for over two hours is a huge accomplishment, and I have no doubt the MAT sessions are what got me through this long run with little pain. I'm committed to working on "fixing" the lingering issues through more intensive MAT therapy with Ryan." Debra Bonson

"I had been suffering from lower back pain for years on and off but for the last 6 months it was more on than it was off and really getting me down. With MAT, Ryan had me pain free within 30 minutes of my first session. Since then, Ryan has taught me the exact exercises to do to do if I overdo things, which feels very liberating. If you suffer from back pain or any other pain for that matter I would highly recommend you book in with Ryan and get it fixed." Chuck Henrich

"I've had bad posture for years due to my office job and this has taken its toll on my back. Pain and stiffness in the lower, middle and upper parts of my back and despite stretching and massage, the tightness always comes back. Ryan proved to me how the stretching was actually making my back muscles weaker and he got to work on activating all my weak muscles. I can honestly say that now my posture is much better, I can stand up straight with little effort and I actually feel taller. I would definitely encourage anyone with pain or tightness to get in touch with Ryan for some MAT treatment." Richard Holmes

"Besides improving my swing technique, I found my range of motion was very restricted and my body lacked stability during the golf swing. Therefore, I had to make a variety of compensations in my swing to counter these effects. I found MAT very beneficial as it addresses the joint instability and weakness. As my body gained more stability it released the tight muscles. As a result, my torso rotation improved ie I could swing more freely compared to before which gave me greater swing consistency and greater joint stability adding power which enabled me to hit one club longer. Moreover, I also felt I wasn't as tired after a game/practice session compared to pre-MAT." Gearoid O'sullivan

"my core stability has now hit 100% and my back pain has practically disappeared, something that I did not imagine was possible. I no longer have to deal with back ache on a daily basis and I feel better than I have done in years." Angela Dunk

"I decided to try MAT because to me it made perfect sense; it seemed to present the solution to the problem I had identified. Spending time with Ryan has only reinforced that perception. When Ryan tests a muscle, demonstrates a weakness and then fixes it, you can't argue with that. I'm still in the early days of applying the comprehensive rehabilitation programme Ryan prescribed, but I have no doubt it will help me enormously - both with the problems I knew about and the ones I didn't!" Andy Large

"I'm a keen golfer, playing currently off 20.7, on a path to, hopefully, 18 or less by the end of the current season. I used to continually revert to the exact same numerous 'swing faults' every season - mainly a really stupid insistence on a 'chicken wing' swing, with my right elbow pretty much all over the place. Ryan and I started to work on MAT (muscle activation techniques), in a nutshell, almost all my muscles were either totally, or partially, inhibited. After 3 of circa 5 reactivation sessions, I feel like I have a new body and my swing is now very stable and orthodox. The golf swing is a major variable but, to be honest, my general well being and posture is almost as important. I can be reached at if you would like to chat about Ryan's MAT services and the associated benefits." Matty Ryan

"Can't believe how much better I feel today after our session yesterday. You know how important this weekend is to me and my success of training for and completing my first half marathon on Sunday will be possible because of your expertise, guidance and MAT work. I said yesterday, and I'll say it again, MAT has changed my whole perspective of having a fit, working body. I'm just so thankful I've found you, and have someone so dedicated to work with moving forward. It sucks I had to become injured to learn this valuable lesson, but I'm thankful nonetheless! Thanks for everything Ryan Phillips :)" Debra Bonson

"I had been suffering from pain in my right Achilles tendon and calf for some time and it was getting progressively worse. By the time I went to see a Physio I was in constant pain not just when I was running, despite stretching out my muscles before and after every run. The Physio said that I was very close to snapping my Achilles it was so tight and treated me with a combination of massage, ultrasound and stretching exercises. These gave me an initial improvement, however, before long my symptoms of pain and tightness just seemed to be getting progressively worse with my Achilles and calf becoming tighter and more painful even though I was doing even more stretching. Eventually I had to stop my running, due to the pain becoming unbearable.

I booked a Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) session with Ryan and within this first session I noticed some improvements, less leg pain and not as much tightness. Ryan found lots of muscles around my hips that were not working properly and explained that when muscles are inhibited due to trauma or injury, other muscles tighten up to compensate for the weak ones. This all made so much sense, as I was involved in a terrible bike accident almost 30 years ago where I suffered damage to my ankle/leg, so much so that the doctors said I'd never be able to exercise properly again! Luckily I did manage to eventually get my leg working again so that I could continue to exercise but my body had been compensating for this injury for all these years and things were just tightening up protect these weaknesses from the injury. This is why the stretching and the physio I was having, wasn't working.

I've been seeing Ryan once every fortnight for about 14 weeks now and during that time I've been able to get back to my running at least 3 times a week and can now do so, not only completely without pain but for longer, 50 minutes at a time instead of 30! Thanks to Ryan's MAT treatments I have eliminated all the weaknesses in my legs which has resulted in me being able to finally do my running pain free.

Thanks Ryan for helping me get back to doing what I love to do - RUN! : )" Caroline Sowter

"I decided it to give the MAT sessions a try. A month onwards and the sessions have helped tremendously. Some results were virtually instantaneous, while others are taking a bit more patience! However, the overall outcome is that I became able to confidently perform the resistance routine that Ryan formulated for me. Plus, now I can properly complete my workout, without the fear of injury, I am seeing steady, week-on-week weight loss and gain in strength. Not only that, but I have definitely experienced an easing in the general discomfort to which I had become accustomed." James Bishop

"Im a fire fighter who has been struggling with lower back problems. It was keeping me from carrying out my full duties, stopping me from taking part in all the sport that i've always done and just basically hampering my life in a way that i had never experienced before. During this difficult 9 months i had seen physiotherapists (both private and NHS), received treatment from an osteopath, been scanned by an orthopedic specialist, had acupuncture treatment and also seen an occupational health advisor all of whom failed to diagnose and successfully treat my problem. I needed someone who was going to have vast experience and an ability to use intelligent methods of working. I had developed serious sciatic symptoms down through the legs and had totally lost faith in the advice i had been given. Since our first session of MAT i have not looked back. 

When you've had a long term serious problem like mine it takes a lot to go into a gym and do things that you fear may hurt but thats exactly what i do and our sessions are still on going. Ryan's experience and knowledge puts you right at ease and he has not let me down once due to his careful but progressive methods. Each session i get improvements and because of his attention to detail he knows exactly what i need to work on most and how he wants to do it.

Im on the cusp of returning back to full duty now and i have a lot to thank Ryan for. He is one of the most forward thinking trainers i have come across and you really get the full package with him. He has the answers for anything i throw at him and i would recommend him to anyone." Jay Avery

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