Week 6

The 10 Daily Habits for Success.

This information is a distillation of the 10 most important principles, or habits if you will, that I've discovered over the last 16+ years of research and working with clients, to be absolutely key in aiding people in successful weight loss and long term weight management.

Weight loss aside, these 10 daily habits also lay down the foundation for long term health, wellbeing and disease prevention. If followed consistently I can guarantee you that you'll not only reach your weight loss goal but you'll have developed the successful daily habits to keep it off for the rest of your life!

Implementation is the key; no amount of knowledge is of any use if it is not acted upon so I'd strongly encourage you to start implementing each daily habit right away. I've found that trying to have people implement all 10 of these daily habits all at once will result in stress, overwhelm and ultimately a sense of failure and I wish none of those upon you so we're going to take one habit each week and work on implementing it over the course of that week. This should be enough time to nail it and be ready to implement the next habit the following week.

If you're an 'all or nothing' kind of person I realise that taking it one at a time might be frustrating but what I've learnt over the last decade and a half is that even for the 'all or nothing' folk, this strategy works best long term so please bear with me. Even just one or two changes can result in noticeable progress, you don't need to be "100% perfect" from day one!

Print out this page and stick it to your fridge door or someplace where you'll see it every morning to remind you of these vitally important daily habits that you're building.

I'd also recommend that you read all the information in its entirety to get a full understanding of the importance of each one of these daily habits. Understanding the "why" will not only help to motivate you into taking action but will also help you to stick to them for the long term.

3.5 minute read... What has sleep got to do with losing weight you might be thinking? Well you might be surprised to hear that it has EVERYTHING to do with your weight loss success...!