When your legs get tired, run with your heart.

RUN-FIT Sunday, Running Club Brighton.

Live in Brighton and bored of running on your own? 

Need some extra motivation and accountability to get you out there and moving?

Need expert professional tips and advice on running, nutrition, weight loss and more?

Then RUN-FIT Sunday is for you!

RUN-FIT Sunday is a weekly running club in Brighton suitable for everyone and all fitness levels and anyone above 18/yo; if you can jog for at least 10 minutes continuously then you're fit enough for RUN-FIT Sunday running club!

Come join our running club in Brighton either live in person or via Skype wherever you are in the world every Sunday morning 10:00 UK time. Either way, it's only £5 per session so there's one less excuse to skip a run! ;)

During our runs, I share my 15 years of health, fitness and running experience with technique tips, nutrition tips and answer all your health and fitness related questions and we have a laugh as we run along too! :)

If you're in Brighton and want to run with us in person then we meet outside the Legends Hotel on the Marine Parade, Brighton and set off at 10am sharp. If you're not in Brighton but still want to run with us then just call in live on Skype from your smart phone wherever you are in the world!

For more information on the RUN-FIT Sunday running club in Brighton or to register for this up and coming Sunday just fill out the boxes below and hit the "Send" button:

Get up and running!