"I had slowly gained a bit of belly fat back that I wasn't happy about"

Chris Page's 30 DAY-FIT Online Kick-start Results - Lost 2.8kg (6.2lbs/half a stone) [Standard Package]

"I've worked with Ryan one to one a few years ago and in those 5 months he helped me lose 9 kilos of body fat and over 11 cm of fat off my waist and my physical strength had increased by over 150% but I had to move away from the area and I've been working with another Trainer locally since then. During this time I had slowly gained a bit of belly fat back that I wasn't happy about so when I heard that Ryan could help me online for a 30 day kickstart program I signed up immediately. 

The online registration process was detailed but uncomplicated and before long I was Skyping with Ryan and having my meal plans all set up. I did his Standard Package which involved weekly 10 minute coaching calls on Skype which helped keep me focused and motivated to follow the meal plans he set up for me and I got on with my training as usual. I lost 2.8 kilos and 5cm (2 inches) off my waist over the 4 weeks. 

Ryan's passion for what he does and his attention to detail is what sets him apart from all the other Trainers I've ever worked with. He's a big believer in measuring and tracking progress which really helped me keep on track and get the results I wanted for myself. Whether you've got lots of weight to lose or just a few kilos I'd highly recommend hiring Ryan to help you nail it!" 

Chris Page - Brackley, UK - Sept 2017 *

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