"I was curious as to how we'd workout while not in a gym, or even in the same room together"

Debra Bonson's 30 DAY-FIT Online Kick-start Results - Lost 3kg (6.6lbs/half a stone) [Premium Package]

"I was curious as to how we'd workout while not in a gym, or even in the same room together. Having nothing more than a couple hand weights, I didn't know how effective working out would be. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Workouts were intense and I definitely felt them the next day. Ryan was also able to discuss the diet, and how I was doing overall during our training sessions. 

The registration process was easy enough! And I was emailed links to complete the registration once I started it. It was helpful to be prompted to consider my goals, and really reflect on why they were important. Additionally, talking to Ryan about my goals during the consultation further cemented my desire to achieve what I'd set out to accomplish. 

I'm overall very pleased with how my body looks and feels after working with Ryan for just 4 weeks. My stomach isn't bloated, and my clothes fit more comfortably. I lost 3kg, 3cm off my waist and hips and 2cm off my thighs. I noticed an improved strength each week we worked out together. Knowing I was meeting with Ryan via Skype each week helped me stay focused on my nutrition. I also felt comfortable sharing with Ryan when something wasn't working and brainstorming ideas as to how we could adjust the diet. Additionally taking weekly measurements either on the scale or with the tape measure was another valuable tool to hold me accountable. 

Ryan was really present in our Skype conversations and workouts. He was totally tuned in, watching my form, giving me tips to improve and always encouraging me. The workouts were intense and he was aware of how I was doing, and knew when I needed to take a break. He has a positive nature and was upbeat in all our communications both over Skype and via email.

Ryan is different from other personal trainers I've worked with as he understands the human body inside and out. He is truly a student of the healthy lifestyle, and doesn't just talk the talk. He knows and emphasizes the importance of nutrition and isn't just about pushing supplements and breaking the body down in stressful workouts. He offered wonderful advice about any concerns I expressed about previous health problems and had a wealth of resources to share with me as I started the journey." 

Debra Bonson - Jakarta, Indonesia - Oct 2017 *

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