"I'm soon to reach 40 and worry about developing more serious medical problems"

Alexandre C's 30 DAY-FIT Online Kick-start Results - Lost 3.5kg (7.7lbs) [Premium Package]

"I'm soon to reach 40 and worry about developing more serious medical problems down the line. I already have high blood pressure and pain in my knees due to my weight (I'm 30kg overweight). I just want to be in a better physical condition. I want to make sure I'm there for my folks, want to feel better in my body and want to feel fit and wear the clothes I want to wear.

I have a huge mountain to climb. I knew I'd need some help from a professional that really understood my situation and who could tailor a diet and exercise plan taking into account my bad knees and advise me how to fit a healthier diet into my busy work/home life. I also knew I'd need help with motivation to stick to it once I got started!

So when I found out about Ryan's online 30 day kickstart package and read all the great successes he'd achieved with other people like me I signed up right away!

I wasn't entirely sure how we'd achieve all this online but after going though the online registration forms and setting my goals I felt very positive and excited about everything. Everything was so well structured and professional and Ryan's attention to detail is second to none, he clearly has a genuine passion for helping others.

First we set up my meal plans during a Skype session and the process was very interactive. I felt that by the end of it I could quite easily follow the diet and implement it into my daily schedule.

The next session we started the training program, on Skype in my living room. Ryan showed me some simple bodyweight exercises, putting them into a circuit format and then checked to make sure I was doing them all correctly. We trained together once a week for an hour and then in between our sessions I followed his bodyweight workout video twice a week.

By day 30 I had lost 3.5kg but more importantly for me I had begun to change my lifestyle for the better. I had begun exercising regularly and eating much healthier. I starting to feel fitter and stronger. I was generally feeling better and more confident within myself.

Ryan was always there for me to give me advice where I needed it, especially on modifications to my meal plans to make it even easier to follow. I really couldn't have done this without Ryan. I'm forever grateful for his help and looking forward to continuing my journey to an even fitter, healthier and lighter me...

Thanks again Ryan!"

Alexandre C - Paris, France - Oct 2017*

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