"I'd been suffering from significant lower back pain, having had a sporadic problem for about 8 years"

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"I began training with Ryan in July 2009. In the previous 12 months I'd been suffering from significant lower back pain, having had a sporadic problem for about 8 years.

When I met Ryan, I had virtually no strength in my legs, which was significantly impacting my ability to do even normal daily tasks, never mind do something like run for a train! I was also horribly overweight and generally just fed up and unhappy.

I'd been seeing an osteopath called Michael Palfrey for a few months, and although this significantly helped my back pain, we couldn't overcome the lack of strength in my legs and the tightness in my calves in particular. Michael recommended I see his personal trainer, Ryan. Not being a fitness kind of girl, I'll admit I was skeptical but will willing to give anything a try and I can honestly say I have never looked back.

During our first consultation Ryan listened to everything I had to say and performed a wide range of tests. For the first few months during our training sessions, Ryan worked with me on specific training to improve my leg strength, posture movement and most importantly eliminate pain in my day to day life. He also set me "homework" for exercises I could do to build on my strength. I saw an improvement within a few sessions.

Within two months I was ready to be set my first exercise programme. Ryan sets me a new programme every four weeks which is tailored to my weaknesses, strengths and ability. As well as the fitness training, I also see Ryan for Muscle Activation Techniques treatment. This is a specialized technique that Ryan has trained and become certified in, and helps him help his client improve their body strength.

So now, I'm happy to say I suffer from very little back pain these days which has improved my quality of life so much. I've lost weight but I've been most impressed by the changes in my body shape, which I am so much happier with. And I can run for that train whenever I need to. It's not just me who notices the changes in me - it's my partner and all family and friends too.

Finally, if I had to sum up Ryan I would say that he is a very accomplished personal trainer with a strong emphasis on the personal as everything he does is specific to the client. He is always 100% motivated and enthusiastic and focused. I don't think Ryan has bad days or if he does he would never let his client's see it. And to keep someone like me who has always hated exercise interested, he must be some kind of miracle worker!"

Angela Brander - Oct 2010 *

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