"For years, I have been saying if only I could lose a stone in weight"

Ann Coward's 90 Day Online Coaching Program Success - Lost 5.9kg (13lbs)

"I am still delighted when I meet up with people whom I haven't see for a while. They usually comment straight away on how well or how trim or how fit I look. I have to remind myself that I have achieved the changes in only 90 days and always sing the praises of Ryan's online coaching program. 

For years, I have been saying if only I could lose a stone in weight - and now I've done it and I am slowly continuing to lose more. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and love my younger shape with flatter tummy, smaller breasts and slimmer hips. When close friends ask me "Have you finished your training yet?" I tell them it never finishes - because it has brought about a life-style change that I will always maintain. 

I regard myself as a strong woman now. My fitness has improved by over 50%. I can do things in my 60s that I have never been able to do before in my life (full press-ups for instance!) by working through the carefully graded sets of exercises. I have enjoyed the buzz I get from working out to the videos and finding them getting easier each time I do them. Three half hour exercise sessions each week is nothing compared to the amazing difference it makes to strength, fitness and body shape. 

The other big change is what I eat and drink. The first few days left me feeling grotty as my body responded to the change. I had become so addicted to the sugar and other rubbish that had become part of my everyday diet. Within a week, I felt so much better. My energy levels soared. My biggest weight loss was at the end of the first week which really spurred me on. I eat more than I did before starting the program but I eat differently. I have really appreciated the effort that Ryan has taken to educate me about foodstuffs and their effect on the body rather than just telling me what to eat. However, the menu tips in the first few weeks were really helpful until I got the hang of it. I still enjoy a glass of wine - but keep it to the weekends! 

Apart from feeling energetic and positive, the other very motivating aspect of the program has been the regular reporting of weight and measurements of body and fitness and seeing the steady improvements week by week. It was like having a big gold star slapped on my chest!

Thank you Ryan for the opportunity to change my life!"

Ann Coward *

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