"I thought with all my running I would automatically lose weight!!!"

Don McDonald's 90 Day Online Coaching Program Success - Lost 8.4kg (18.5lbs/1.3 stones)

"I would like to thank Ryan for all the support, material, encouragement and advice provided during the programme. Just under three years ago (I was a mere 54), I decided I needed to get fit and lose some weight so I started running, very slowly. I made very little effort to change my diet because I thought with all my running I would automatically lose weight!!! It was disheartening to find, that even though my running increased, my weight did not change!!! So when I got the chance to do this progam I jumped at it, because obviously something needed to change.

The combination of exercise and diet change on the program has helped me lose 10% of my original weight (one of my initial goals) and another bonus is that my running has speeded up (at my level!!). I have just knocked over 5 minutes off my best 10km time, which I am very happy about. I will report back on any improvement in my times for the longer runs.

There is another side though, my wife (who is a nurse) has complained about my "Phillips-Fit obsession" (I often quote Ryan!!) and the fact that I eat too many eggs and not enough carbohydrates. In fact, having reduced measurements all over she now calls me "chicken legs"!!!!

There is no doubt, though, I feel a lot healthier, the change in eating habits has been very positive and although some of the exercises have been very hard, I have loved the challenge. It has, however, not always been plain sailing, but during the "weak" moments I have applied the 90% rule and then moved on.

One of the things that the online program has done for me has focussed me on a whole new way of eating so I no longer desire most of the rubbish I used to eat. Another great help has been learning, understanding and experiencing the benefits of intensity when exercising.

Thanks again Ryan, this online coaching program has been a very positive (and beneficial) experience and I will definitely continue following the basic principles."

Don McDonald *

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