"The biggest challenge for me was being able to stick to a dedicated fitness regime"

Jenny Dyer's Success (Interview) - Lost 18kg (39.7lbs/2.8 stones)


Jennifer Dyer


Customer Service Agent

Date of Birth



5ft 4


Lose weight, tone up, improve fitness, regain confidence

Previous Weight

83 Kg

Current Weight

65 Kg

Previous Dress Size


Current Dress Size


Ryan: How long has it taken in total to achieve your goals?

Jenny: About 18 months to 2 years.

Ryan: What made you decide that you needed to make a change to your life?

Jenny: I wanted to feel better and fitter. My husband had recently died and I wanted to regain my confidence. I was over weight, had high blood pressure and had a poor diet.

Ryan: How many times a week do you train?

Jenny: Between 4 and 5 times per week, which includes 2 sessions with you.

Ryan: How many children do you have?

Jenny: I have four children; James aged 19, Nicola 17, Katie 16 and Michael age 12.

Ryan: How has your achievement had a positive affect on relationships with your family?

Jenny: My mum often told me I needed to get rid of my tummy, as I was getting older! She is pleased, as she knows that's best for my health.

Ryan: Have your family and friends been supportive?

Jenny: Both friends and family have been great. With my close friend she encouraged me by working out at home and we would chat about gym tasks and exercises together.

Ryan: How do your family and friends feel about your achievement? Have any of them been inspired as a result of your efforts?

Jenny: My eldest son is most impressed! He already works out at home so I can now use some of his weights! So he has stepped up his level of fitness.

Ryan: Do any other members of your family or friends use a Personal Trainer?

Jenny: As you know, my daughter Nicola 17 has trained with you and went on to win Gold in her Trampolining competition.

Ryan: What has been the biggest challenge for you over the last 18 months?

Jenny: The biggest challenge for me was being able to stick to a dedicated fitness regime, especially as it has been the first time in my life that I have done anything like this.

Ryan: How did you overcome this challenge?

Jenny: You have helped me through this by constantly reminding me of the positive benefits and the reasons why I'm doing this in the first place. Also being plugged into my exercise program with targets to hit and short term goals to achieve each week, keeps me motivated and on my toes!

Ryan: Has your achievements helped you to perform better at work?

Jenny: Yes they have, as I feel fitter, have loads more energy. I am able now to focus better and perform great customer service without that "tired feeling"!

Ryan: Are your colleagues aware of your achievements?

Jenny: Yes, as they often "rib" me about how often I work out at the gym!

Ryan: How do your colleagues feel about your achievement and have they been supportive?

Jenny: They are really pleased for me as they can see I am more confident and they always ask me how's the gym going? or are you going to gym after work?

Ryan: Have any of your colleagues started working out since they witnessed your achievements?

Jenny: Yes, 3 to 4 of them have started up.

Ryan: Do you have any new hobbies or interests as a result of your achievement?

Jenny: Walking! I know it may seem strange but I love it especially on a good summer day, it's such a pleasure to walk a fair distance without puffing.

Ryan: Has your achievement helped you to better fulfil existing hobbies and interests?

Jenny: Yes, as I am now able to take my bike out and ride a good steady level over a longer distance. Would never have ridden very far but am now pushing to go further and further!

Ryan: How has your achievement changed your life?

Jenny: Over the last 18 months I have regained my shape and my confidence through your guidance and support, have a new boyfriend and we can now go to the gym together too! I really look forward in the mornings to dressing for work and also dressing up for a night out as I can wear so much more and feel my clothes look good. Not only do I have a new body, there is a new me too, with a desire to take on a new challenge, trampolining who knows...!

Ryan: What are your goals for the future?

Jenny: I would like to complete a fun run for cancer research or a bike ride, or something I would never have imagined I could ever do, with the help of my superb personal trainer who keeps me focused and regularly reviews my program to ensure I am adequately challenged!

Jenny Dyer - Sept 2008 *

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