Ryan's 5 Tips For Managing Food Intake In December


As the holiday season rolls around, so does a bounty of delicious treats and festive feasts...

It's easy to get carried away and indulge in all the culinary delights but managing food intake during December doesn't have to be a daunting task.

With a few mindful strategies, you can savour the season without overindulging.

Here are my five top tips to help you maintain control this month:

1. Plan Ahead:

One of the best strategies for controlling food intake during December is planning.

Before heading to any gatherings or events, have a light, healthy snack. This can help curb your appetite and prevent overeating when faced with tempting treats. Additionally, consider contributing a healthier dish to the gathering to ensure there's a nutritious option available.

2. Mindful Eating:

When surrounded by an array of delicious foods, it's easy to lose track of how much you're consuming.

Practice mindful eating by paying attention to hunger cues, chewing slowly, and savouring each bite. This allows you to enjoy the flavours while also recognising when you're comfortably full.

3. Portion Control:

The holiday season often means larger portions and multiple helpings.

Be mindful of portion sizes and practice moderation. Opt for smaller plates, which naturally limit the amount of food you can serve yourself. Try to fill your plate with a balance of nutritious options, including protein, alongside your favourites.

4. Stay Active:

Incorporating physical activity into your routine is crucial during the holiday season.

Not only does exercise help burn calories but it also serves as a great way to manage stress. Take walks after meals, try a new workout class, join an online fitness programme, or engage in fun winter activities to stay active and energised.

5. Stay Hydrated:

Sometimes, thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

Ensure you're staying hydrated throughout the day by drinking enough water. Before reaching for second helpings or additional snacks, try having a glass of water to see if that curbs your craving.

Final thoughts:

Remember, the holiday season is about celebration and enjoyment, including the joy of food.

It's okay to indulge occasionally but practicing moderation and mindful eating can help you navigate December's culinary delights without derailing your health goals.

Embrace these tips to savour the season while maintaining a balanced approach to food intake.

If you'd like to discover a realistic, flexible and sustainable approach to healthy living then get in touch today and let me share with you how we achieve this in my Online Coaching Programme.

Ryan Phillips is a Personal Trainer in Brighton and an Online Fitness Coach Worldwide, and has been helping clients from all walks of life and from all over the world take control of their health and fitness since 2004.