Jonny Mitchell

Love Island 2017 & Celebrity Big Brother 2018

"I was ashamed of how I looked and there is no way I would have wanted to get my top off by the pool in the Love Island villa looking like that! I was amazed what I achieved in only 12 days when I stuck with Ryan's diet and exercise guidance"*

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Debbie Chazen

Actress & TV Star

"Ryan is brilliant at getting you motivated, and he knows what's he talking about! I've achieved things I never thought I could. I can't recommend him more highly."*

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Personal Trainer in Brighton as featured on:

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Tone Up/Build Muscle

Want to build muscle or just firm things up a bit? As a Resistance Training Specialist, I will design a safe and effective resistance training programme to meet your needs. 

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Lose Weight

Want to lose a few pounds to get back into those jeans or need to shift several stones? My tailored approach to weight loss will have you on the fast track to achieving your weight loss goals. 

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Get Fit

Want to improve your fitness for a race or just be able to cope better with day-to-day activities? I will devise the right fitness programme to guarantee you'll meet your targets. 

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The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.

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"If it's results you're looking for and you're based in Brighton, then look no further... with personalised exercise routines and first class nutrition and lifestyle advice I'll have you on the fast track to achieving your goals whatever they might be!" Ryan Phillips, Advanced Personal Trainer.

PHILLIPS-FIT Personal Training was established in 2004 and is committed to providing a premium 1:1 Personal Training service locally to the people of Brighton, East Sussex and worldwide via online coaching.