"My goals were to lose some weight, stop smoking and overall to create better habits."

Mafalda's Face To Face & Online Personal Training Success - Lost 7kg (15.5lbs/1.1 stone)

"Ryan is an amazing Personal Trainer. I've been training with him for almost 2 years now and completely changed my life. 

When I started two years ago, quite scared and not knowing what to expect, Ryan guided me and explain me everything not only about a gym and exercises but also about nutrition. My goals were to lose some weight, stop smoking and overall to create better habits.

In 5 months, I've managed to quit smoking (which I've been doing for so many years) and I was now not scared to put that weight because of it. Ryan guided me and thought me healthier habitats, he made me enjoy cooking and love to cook healthy food and learn how to like my body. In the end, I've lost around 7 kgs, stoped smoking, developed healthy habits and an incredible urge to keep exercising and keep fit.

The most important is that I feel comfortable with my body. It does seem insane and I would had never expect that Ryan would do any of this when I first started with him. The truth is that he is amazing, he tailors everything to your needs, taks time understanding you and what works best for you. Which exercise you need, how will the diet adapt to your life and how to deal with you when you keep moaning or you are upset during the sessions.

Moreover, we were together for one year at the gym, which was great. But even more life changing is that, since the pandemic, we have been still keeping our sessions one a week through Skype and is still amazing, if not better. I was not a massive gym fan, and being able to keep exercising and evolving in my training from home with Ryan it's amazing. I highly recommend Ryan's services!!"

Mafalda Braga - Jan 2021 *

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