"I wanted to fit back into my cloths and just feel more attractive"

Nikki Cox's Success

"I was struggling to make progress for quite some time until I decided to call upon some personal training help with Ryan. 

I wanted to lose some weight (although I wasn't classed as overweight) I wanted to fit back into my cloths and just feel more attractive, I also wanted to improve my leg strength for my horse riding so I didn't fall off as much! 

Well, after just 16 weeks of personal training with Ryan once per week, I had lost well over a stone in weight, reducing my body fat by 7% resulting in almost 11 inches lost in total from all around my body. I also increased my leg strength by 74% which helped improve my horse riding nicely. 

I'm not saying that the last 16 weeks were by any means easy but Ryan's patience and encouragement really helped me to stick with it and got me through the tough times. When you've had to work so hard for something that you really want it makes the results even more rewarding and I am so pleased and proud of what I have accomplished in such a short space of time and I now have the tools, information and "fat loss secrets" from Ryan to maintain my results for the long term. Thanks Ryan for your help!"

Nikki Cox - July 2009 *

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