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The 12 Week PHILLIPS-FIT Online Coaching Programme includes...

Health Screening Questionnaire:

At PHILLIPS-FIT your health and safety is of paramount importance. A self-screening form to determine the safety and possible risk of exercising for yourself based on your answers to the specific health related questions is the first thing to be completed.

Goal Setting Guide:

Set the scene, generate excitement and passion, lay down some accountability and address any potential barriers that may crop up and derail you... Ryan's easy to follow 4 Step Goal Setting Guide is proven to increase your chances of success by up to 500%!

No-Equipment Bodyweight Workout Videos including full instructions:

Only 20-30 minutes of exercise required per day... These workouts are designed to maximise your fat loss, improve your fitness and tone and strengthen your muscles in the least amount of time possible.

Nutrition Guidance and Coaching:

100% no DIE(T)'s on this programme! If you're ready to ditch the frustrating yoyo cycle of dieting and learn how to eat healthy by changing your mindset around food and developing healthy eating habits that will not only shift your excess weight but will allow you to keep it off for good then this programme is definitely for you!

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls:

Your weekly dose of motivation... Ask questions, share and celebrate your wins and work through your struggles and have all your burning questions answered live on the call.

Body Stats and Measurements Tracking:

What gets measured gets managed! Regular weigh-ins and tape measurements along with progress photos for Ryan to check in on your progress, there is absolutely nowhere to hide on this programme despite it being 100% online. No stone has been left unturned in holding you accountable to your goals.

Strength and Fitness Tracking:

Great for your motivation and self confidence... Regular tracking and measuring of your overall strength and fitness improvements over time.

Support Network - Private Members Forum:

The heart and soul of the programme! A 24/7 support group with likeminded people all on the same mission as you to finally make their health a priority, put an end to yoyo dieting, lose weight once and for all, get fitter and feel better and more confident about themselves.

Daily Motivational Emails:

Receive a coaching email from Ryan every morning for the duration of the 12 week programme, yes that's right, an email every single day for 90 days! These emails alone are priceless, including golden nuggets of information, reminders of what you need to be focusing on plus tips and advice all to set yourself up in the right positive frame of mind for the day and help facilitate the learning and new habits building progress.

Please note: This programme is ran as an online group coaching programme for 12 weeks and is *not* 1:2:1 Online Personal Training. To find out if I can help you and see if you'd be a good fit for this programme please fill out the form below and lets arrange a chat:

Need more 1:1 personal help?

Then please consider my 1:1 online Personal Trainer UK or worldwide package below...

Online Personal Training

Lajos Nyeki

Street Artist in Budapest, Hungary

"I didn't know how training might work online. I didn't know if it would be effective and I was doubtful at first. Ryan was motivating, he was committed to my success. I lost 4 kilos overall and 5 cm in my waist by end of the 30 day program"*

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Debra Bonson

English Teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia

"I was curious as to how we'd workout while not in a gym, or even in the same room together. Workouts were intense and I definitely felt them the next day. My stomach isn't bloated, and my clothes fit more comfortably. I lost 3kg, 3cm off my waist and hips and 2cm off my thighs. Ryan is different from other personal trainers I've worked with"* 

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Alexandre C

Marketing Manager, Paris, France

"I wasn't entirely sure how we'd achieve all this online but after going though the online registration forms and setting my goals I felt very positive. First we set up my meal plans during a Skype session. The next session we started the training program, on Skype in my living room. By day 30 I had lost 3.5kg but more importantly for me I had begun to change my lifestyle for the better."*

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Sylvia Turley

Mother of 2 in Dublin, Ireland

"The pressure was most certainly on to lose my baby weight! I started up my online training with Ryan again 8 weeks after the birth (photo on the left) and lost all of that pregnancy weight over the next 6 months ready for my wedding (photo on the right). My waist went down by 7.2cm (almost 3 inches) and I was feeling much fitter and healthier"*

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Online Personal Trainer package includes...


A 30 mins Skype consultation, Free of charge and no obligation.


  • Live online Personal Trainer sessions on Skype where you commit upfront to 4 consecutive weeks worth of online Personal Training sessions, 60 mins each and I train you live at a time that's mutually agreeable. No equipment required but if you already have any dumbbells or anything else to hand we can most certainly put them to good use.
  • *Weekly Skype coaching calls (up to 10 minutes each) for accountability, setting new weekly process goals, to catch up on your weekly progress and any questions/concerns you might have regarding your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modifications. *only required if you're only doing 1 online Personal Trainer session per week.
  • A copy of my Bodyweight Workout DVD (downloadable) to follow on your own in between our online Personal Training sessions (if needed). Or for an additional one off fee I can design you a bespoke training program if you're currently training at a gym or have any other specific goals besides weight loss.
  • Fees are dependent upon how many Online Personal Trainer sessions you do per week; the more sessions you do the cheaper it works out per session. Online Personal Training sessions are paid upfront via bank transfer before each 4 week block commences.


  • A progress log spreadsheet to record your body weight, body measurements and any fitness/strength tests we decide to do including detailed instructions on how to do them.


  • Personalised meal plan creation (1x60 minute session) based on your current body composition, goals, deadlines, food preferences and lifestyle.

Accountability breads response-ability.

Sabi Phagura

Journalist in Reading, UK

"I knew it would be hard to find a trainer who could advise me closely on how to adapt my training and eating plan to fit my lifestyle. It didn't make an iota of difference that all the training was given via online. I seriously can't thank Ryan enough for giving me the right advice, encouragement and confidence to put myself through my first bikini fitness competition"*

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Chris Page

Senior Teaching Fellow in Brackley, UK

"I've been working with another Trainer locally. During this time I had slowly gained a bit of belly fat back that I wasn't happy about so when I heard that Ryan could help me online for a 30 day kickstart program I signed up immediately. Before long I was Skyping with Ryan and having my meal plans all set up. I lost 2.8 kilos and 5cm (2 inches) off my waist over the 4 weeks. Ryan's passion for what he does and his attention to detail is what sets him apart from all the other Trainers I've ever worked with"*

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