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Ryan Phillips - Personal Trainer, MAT® Specialist & Business Owner.

Ryan is a fully registered and certified Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer, Resistance Training Specialist® and Muscle Activation Techniques® Certified Specialist. Ryan has been successfully helping people to lose weight, transform their bodies and regain control of their health and self-confidence since early 2004... 

Ryan Phillips - Personal Trainer, Muscle Activation Techniques® Certified Specialist and business owner of PHILLIPS-FIT Personal Training {Est. 2004}

"During the tens of thousands of hours of personal training experience and continuous study of the latest scientific research I have developed a fat loss system for success which addresses the four key areas; exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset,  taking a holistic and evidence based approach to achieving stunning and long lasting results. As you may have already discovered, exercise OR dieting alone isn't enough to achieve your weight loss goals!"

The photo's below show the kind of results I help my Personal Trainer clients achieve. You can click here to read all their testimonials. They are not exceptional case studies, they are the kind results I expect to achieve from every client that I work with, including YOU! *

During our time together I will share with you these exact same evidence based principles in my "Fat Loss System for Success" so you too can achieve these same kind of amazing results. 


  • Fat Loss/toning/body sculpting/body recomposition
  • Resistance Training
  • Muscle Activation Techniques®
  • Rapid Body Transformations for Celebrities; Movies/TV shows, Weddings and Special Events
  • Strength & Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Group Fitness Training & Boot Camp Training
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Endurance events such as Triathlon & Marathon
  • Martial Arts


Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist (MATCS)

Greg Roskop's Muscle Activation Techniques®

RTS123 Training Course

Resistance Training Specialist®

MAT® Jumpstart Trainer Course

Greg Roskop's Muscle Activation Techniques®

CYMCA Advanced Fitness Instructor Level 3

Focus Training

Advanced Exercise and Fitness Knowledge

Focus Training

Advanced Cardiovascular Programmes

Focus Training

Advanced Resistance Training Programmes

Focus Training

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

London Kettlebell Academy

Nutrition & Weight Management

The Weight Management Centre

Sports Injury

Focus Training

Ante/Post Natal Exercise

Focus Training

Emergency Treatment CPR

Royal Berkshire Ambulance Trust


I've been involved in sports since the age of 7 and have achieved a high level of expertise in this field through education and practical experiences.

I am highly passionate about passing on my knowledge to you 

to help you achieve your goals whatever they might be.

I have been Personal Trainer to a vast array of clients from all walks of life over the years, including celebrities, executives, doctors, osteopaths, accountants, students, teachers, receptionists, engineers, paramedics, office workers and the retired to mention but a few with varying age ranges from 16yrs to 71yrs. I have also worked with people with mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and Asperger's syndrome.

I have almost 30 years of 'in the trenches' gym training experience and have been running my own Personal Training business since early 2004.

More about me...

I started to play badminton and train in Martial Arts at the age of 7. Both sports complemented each other very well, developing my balance, agility and motor skills. All these skills also helped my goalkeeping for my school football team. I was so keen on goalkeeping that I went to the Bobby Charlton Soccer School and Sports Academy for goalkeeping twice!

It was an honour to meet the great legend Bobby Charlton himself.

At the age of 15 I started weight training to develop more speed, power and muscle mass for the sports l played. Also as a very skinny tall kid I'd often get teased at school so I felt that putting some muscle on my frame would do wonders for my self confidence and self esteem. It was also around this time that I started skateboarding and developed the bug for boardsports, with surfing and snowboarding to follow.

My self-motivation and dedication to my own fitness goals has led me to achieve a high standard in 

martial arts, strength training, triathlon and other sporting activities 

along with achieving the body I'd always wanted. My enthusiasm and passion for fitness and my experience of helping others to achieve their own fitness goals makes me the ideal personal fitness trainer for you!

The Fitball Plank - I got bored of regular planks!

I launched PHILLIPS-FIT Personal Training in Reading early 2004 with a vision of providing a premium Personal Training service to the people of Reading and Berkshire and to provide a source of knowledge, motivation, support and inspiration to anyone in the world who wishes to learn about fitness and to be inspired to leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Now I'm based in Brighton 

but I continue to help people in Berkshire via my small team of Personal Trainers there along with helping clients from all over the world via my online coaching and training.

I also contribute to upping the standards of the health and fitness industry by helping other Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists and health care professionals via mentoring and my CPD workshops.

Over the last 16+ years I have travelled the world seeking out the best experts in the field of health and fitness and have invested heavily in further education to make sure my knowledge base remains at the forefront. My thirst for learning is even stronger now as it was 16 years ago and I continue to learn and invest in my knowledge base so that I can pass the best possible information on to you. As Albert Einstein once said...

"the more I learn the more I realize how much I don't know".

Now that's enough talk about me, let's have a chat about You!