"I just had no energy, was always out of breath and felt plain bad about myself"

Paul Fodor's Success - Lost 38kg (83.8lbs/6 stones)

"Back in 2012, I weighed in at a staggering 116.1KG and a BMI Score of 33. My idea of an active weekend was walking from my couch to my bed. I just had no energy, was always out of breath and felt plain bad about myself...

Today I am 78.1kg and have a BMI Score of 22.1. I have a 6 pack, come to love road cycling and now ride anywhere from 100km to 250km per week and always looking for the next hill to climb to be able to get my heart rate up.   

I have one person to thank for this and that is Ryan. I have worked with many personal trainers but Ryan has been the first that I would call a true professional that is passionate about what he does and about getting his clients results. Even when I would show up late and we would have 15min of the hour he would figure out how to push me. He was constantly measuring the results which only kept me more motivated to stay focused. I would add that his desire to get results did mean that I got fired at least once for not following his instructions and it only meant that I would get back on track. Ryan not only helped me lose the weight he even taught me how to keep it off by basically teaching me how to change my lifestyle...   

I plan on using Ryan for years to come to ensure that I stay fit (though to his chagrin not in the weight room but riding my bike) and keep my fat levels to below my target 15% level.

Heck my wife has become a Ryan fan and as a result she has also been training with him. 

Simply put if you want to lose weight, build muscle and maintain general fitness than Ryan should be your first stop!"

Paul Fodor - Nov 2013 *

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