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Personal Trainer in Brighton From Just *£20/hr!

Get in shape fast with this ridiculously insane Personal Training pre-summer special offer with Brighton's Celebrity Personal Trainer, Ryan Phillips.

Jonny Mitchell

Love Island 2017 & Celebrity Big Brother 2018

"I was ashamed of how I looked and there is no way I would have wanted to get my top off by the pool in the Love Island villa looking like that! I was amazed what I achieved in only 12 days when I stuck with Ryan's diet and exercise guidance"*

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Debbie Chazen

Actress & TV Star

"Ryan is brilliant at getting you motivated, and he knows what's he talking about! I've achieved things I never thought I could. I can't recommend him more highly."*

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Pre-Summer Special Offer:

1:1 Personal Training: £25/hr + a FREE Consultation

or train with a friend...

2:1 Personal Training: £20/hr each + a FREE Consultation

*Limited availability and special offer closes on 30th April 2019.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the Frequently Asked Questions or for more info or to book your Free consultation please fill out the boxes below and hit the send button:

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Q: What type of sessions does this deal apply to?

These prices apply to all Personal Trainer sessions and all Diet and Nutrition sessions.

Q: Why is it so cheap?

Throughout the month of April/May Ryan has several clients away and wants to use every free slot he has available to help as many people as possible to get in shape for summer.

Q: Can my sessions carry over into May?

Yes. Although this offer is only valid for the month of April, you'll get 4 full consecutive weeks of training regardless of when you sign up in April.

Q: Is 4 weeks long enough to expect any meaningful results?

Absolutely! Significant process can be achieved within just 4 weeks with Ryan's expert help and guidance. The following pictures show the results achieved in only 4 weeks** See Ryan's Testimonials section for more results.

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person; your progress is solely dependent on your dedication to your goals.

Q: How long is this offer open for?

The signup deadline for this offer is Tuesday the 30th April 2019. By this date a consultation must have been booked but can be scheduled to take place after the 30th.

Q: How many sessions can I book?

As many as Ryan's schedule will allow for; slots are limited and obviously going fast so get in touch now so as not to miss out.

Q: How does payment work?

Sessions are paid in advance via bank transfer once sessions dates/times have been mutually agreed on at the consultation.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel a session?

Once sessions are booked, any cancellations are chargeable regardless of notice period. However, if a session is cancelled with more than 24 hours of notice then Ryan will be happy to re-shedule to another time within the same week if his schedule allows. Cancellations will not be carried over into the following week and will not be refunded or held in credit for future bookings.

*Limited availability and special offer closes on the 30th April 2019. Don't miss out on this amazing oportunity, for more info get in touch today and start achieving!