"I thought I was going to be overweight for life"

Richard Jones' Success - Lost 20.2kg (44.4lbs/3.2 stones)

"I've tried a lot of personal trainers, but Ryan is on another level. I thought I was going to be overweight for life and the old excuse of that I'm old and my metabolism is just too slow. 

What I liked about Ryan was his enthusiasm and his knowledge in both training techniques and diet. He is dedicated and uses measurements to keep track of your progress. 

With him I lost a total of over 20 kilos (over 3 stone) and that includes the muscle mass I gained. My waistline went from 114cm (45 inches) to 88.7 cm (35 inches). 

It has made a tremendous impact on my life. I no longer have back pain, I feel more confident, and just feel so much healthier. So a big thank you to Ryan, I can't recommend him enough."

Richard Jones - Oct 2017*

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