"I had a BMI of 42 and the chance of me reaching average life expectancy was 1:7"

Robert Bates' Success - Lost 46.2kg (101.9lbs/7.3 stones)

"I started training with Ryan in March 09 and have now been training three times a week for one year. Over that time my level of fitness has improved dramatically and I feel so much better in myself. I have now lost 41Kg (over six stone) in weight with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise. Ryan carried out a meticulous initial assessment and tailored my exercise regimen very carefully. I have also been impressed with his regular monthly reviews of progress including assessments of weight, measurements, body fat, fitness, blood pressure etc. Ryan is a great motivator and gets the best out of his clients when working in the gym. I always feel that we are pushing the boundaries - but as Ryan says - "that's when the magic happens!"

I had been concerned about my weight and fitness for several years and embarked on training with other personal trainers three times over the last ten years. Each time my progress faltered after a few months and I slipped back again. However, over the last year I have trained three times each week in the gym and only missed two sessions - because the road was closed due to snow! Put it down to working with a personal trainer whose enthusiasm is completely infectious. I now train six days a week - three with Ryan and three independently. I simply wouldn't have had the confidence or knowledge to train independently before but now it is just the norm for me.

Before I started training with Ryan, I had a BMI of 42 and the chance of me reaching average life expectancy was 1:7. Now my BMI is 26.6 and I am closing in on my target weight. So now I have new goals - I am training to take part in the Fit Brit Challenge and I am also hoping to take part in a triathlon later this year...

I had tried and failed before but with Ryan's help my life and health have changed dramatically for the better. Getting fit does need a big personal commitment but you need encouragement and guidance too. So if you want to improve your health and fitness, whatever your present level, I would strongly recommend you give Ryan Phillips a call."

Robert Bates - April 2010 *

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