"Despite the amount of time I was dedicating to exercise I wasn't achieving the results I wanted"

Sian Davies' Success

"I have always taken a keen interest in keeping fit and healthy, enjoying activities such as running, attending various classes at the gym and rowing. However, despite the amount of time I was dedicating to exercise I wasn't achieving the results I wanted.

I started thinking about getting a personal trainer who would have the knowledge to tell me where I was going wrong! A friend had recommended Ryan so I visited his website and saw a competition offering 8 free sessions.....a few weeks later I received a call telling me I was the lucky winner!

My first session involved an overall analysis of my health and fitness. The session was very detailed to enable Ryan to tailor a programme that would target my 'problem areas' and satisfy specific needs. Because I was already doing a large amount of cardio exercise my sessions with Ryan would focus on free weights, toning exercises and stretching to complement the workouts I was already doing and to also target specific areas I was unhappy with.

I met up with Ryan twice a week, and each session lasted an hour. Having Ryan there was great, he was an excellent motivator and ensured I achieved maximum results following each session. Every week the sessions became harder and more advanced, it was tough, but the results were well worth it. I felt stronger, fitter and much more toned! The programme had also improved all other aspects of my workouts (running, spinning etc).

At the end of the 4 week programme I was so happy with the results I asked Ryan to design another programme for me, and we now meet up on a regular basis at the gym to monitor my progress and to ensure the exercises are working for me."

Sian Davies - Jun 2007 *

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