"The pressure was most certainly on to lose my baby weight!"

Szilvia's Online Personal Training Success - Lost 7.1kg (15.7lbs/1.1 stones)

"I first started up with Ryan because I wanted to lose some weight before getting pregnant. I wasn't at all overweight to start with but I was worried about all the fat I was about to gain during my pregnancy so I wanted to get even lighter to limit the damage to my looks.

I live in Ireland so all our training and consulting was done online via Skype. In our first 8 weeks together Ryan helped me to lose 2.6kg (approx. 6lbs) and lowered my body fat percentage by 2.5% (from 32.1% to 29.6%), my waist went down by 7.2cm (almost 3 inches) and I was feeling much fitter and healthier by then. Ryan set me up some meal plans to follow and we trained online together 3 x per week. 

I fell pregnant and took the first 3 months off of my training. Ryan specialises in pre and postnatal exercise so I had every confidence in him that what we were going to do during my pregnancy was going to be safe and effective. 

We resumed our online personal training at week 14 of my pregnancy and trained 3 times a week right throughout my pregnancy literally until a few days before I went into hospital. I had a C-section and the next day hopped out of bed and the nurses were amazed at how quickly I'd recovered. They said "you must have been keeping very fit during your pregnancy to bounce back so quickly, we've never seen anyone recover so fast!" So I told them I had been using a personal trainer 3 x a week :)

I'd gained 11kg (24lbs) during my pregnancy which was thankfully at the lower end of the expected healthy amount of weight to gain during a pregnancy. I can most certainly thank Ryan for this! I started up my online training with Ryan again 8 weeks after the birth (photo on the left) and lost all of that pregnancy weight over the next 6 months ready for my wedding (photo on the right). The pressure was most certainly on to lose my baby weight! 

Now I'm pregnant with my second child and due to give birth in August 2017. I had been doing the online personal training with Ryan this 2nd time round but not as often as I'd have liked for various reasons. 

Ryan had to taylor every single session based on how I felt on that day, which did vary a lot and I can't thank him enough for his help, expert advice, patience and compassion over the last few years. I can't wait to start back our online personal training to get back in shape as soon as I can." 

Szilvia - July 2017 *

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