"I felt I had only half achieved my aim to get fit"

Trish Hare's Wedding Success

"Personal fitness and well being has always been key to me and I have 'worked out' in a gym for the past 18 years. Although I had a good physique for my age I felt I had only half achieved my aim to get fit, always working out on my own I wondered whether I would benefit from a personal trainer. 

What spurred me on was my pending wedding last September, I knew what I wanted but was failing somewhere along the line. I often watched Personal Trainers with their clients and one day saw someone I felt I could work with, Ryan.

I started my training in April 2007. It was a shock to my system at first because although I was capable of lifting heavy weights, I was now targeting key areas using exercises alien to my body and with the benefit of a 'watchful' eye correcting techniques and posture.

With a reasonable diet, not always what it could have been I know, and my new fitness routine, I exceeded my goals and gained a great physique in time for my wedding.

With new goals and the drive to keep fit and well, I am continuing with Personal Trainer post wedding. I have to thank Ryan for his patience and humour cos without it I would not have achieved the results I got." 

Trish Hare - Sept 2007 *

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