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Ryan Phillips, Personal Trainer to Jonny Mitchell from Love Island 2017 and Celebrity Big Brother 2018, takes you through the exact same celebrity fitness body transformation programme he used to get Jonny in amazing shape in just 12 days for his Love Island TV appearance.

Jonny Mitchell's 12 Day Body Transformation
Jonny Mitchell's 12 Day Body Transformation

"I was ashamed of how I looked and there is no way I would have wanted to get my top off by the pool in the Love Island villa looking like that! I was amazed what I achieved in only 12 days when I stuck with Ryan's diet and exercise guidance"*

Jonny Mitchell

Following my celebrity fitness rapid fat loss programme, Jonny lost 4.1kg (9lbs), 2.9% body fat and dropped from a 37" waist to 34" whilst increasing his muscle mass by 1.4% all in just 12 days!

During this celebrity fitness programme, I will share with you my top secrets for rapid fat loss that even most other Trainer don't know about. These industry "secrets" are used by many celebrities and their Trainers to get into great shape for TV and movie roles.

Ryan's 12 Day CELEBRITY-FIT Programme includes:

1. An initial consultation (30 mins), a body composition assessment (30 mins) and a personalised meal plan set up (90 mins). Total of 2.5 hours.

2. 10x1hr Personal Training sessions over the course of the 12 days (Mon-Fri x 2).

3. A bodyweight workout video to follow at home.

4. A body composition re-assessment on the morning of day 6 (30 mins) and a final body composition assessment (30 mins) on the morning of day 13.

Please note that my CELEBTIRY-FIT Rapid Body Transformation Programme is an extreme body makeover regime, it is not for the faint hearted and it is not a "kickstart programme" if you have been inactive for several months or more. It is suitable for both women and men above 18 years of age. You must be in good general health. Your BMI must be under 30. You must already have a reasonable level of fitness and have some experience in resistance/weight training. You must be willing to eat meat. The training programme is intense and the dietary protocol is extreme which requires the addition of some key nutritional supplements. You must be willing to spend approximately £175 on a variety of high quality natural and organic vitamin, mineral and fish oil supplements for the course of the programme and you must be 100% committed to following the plan. You do not need to be a celebrity to take part in this programme.

If you meet all the criteria above and you need to get in shape FAST then get in touch today to arrange your start date.

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