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GROUP-FIT boot camp The ULTIMATE Bodyweight Boot Camp in Brighton

The GROUP-FIT boot camp is an evidence based small group weight loss, nutrition and exercise programme designed to help you succeed once and for all...

Using the latest scientific research in exercise, nutrition and social dynamics, the GROUP-FIT boot camp programme brings everything together in one smart package to help guarantee your success - all under the watchful eye of Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist® and Celebrity Personal Trainer, Ryan Phillips. 

Ryan's GROUP-FIT boot camp in Brighton is the right weight loss and exercise programme for you if:

1. You've tried to lose weight 

many times before with little to no long term success.

2. You're tired and frustrated 

with your current weight and state of health. 

3. You're sick of all the confusion  

around exercise and diet that you read in the magazines, on the internet, in the media and even hear from your local Fitness Trainers that don't yield lasting results.

4. You are 100% ready to commit 

to achieving your goals but know you'll need some help, motivation and expert guidance...

The Workouts

The 2 outdoor Boot Camp sessions per week are based around specialised fat burning circuit style routines using your own bodyweight for resistance. All exercises can be adapted to your current fitness levels and abilities so no one is felt left behind.

The Nutrition

Expert professional help and support is provided to assist you with your diet to maximise fat loss. Ryan's Nutrition Manual guides you through everything you'll need to know to guarantee your success. 

The Support

Programmes supervising attendance and offering social support have been scientifically proven to be more effective. Ryan's private forum is a safe place where you can keep the team spirit alive away from the training sessions.

Duncan Morton says,

"I admit that although I liked the idea I wasn't sure if it was for me and whether I'd be able to keep up. I needn't have worried as I soon realised that the other participants and I were of varying degrees of fitness. On week one I found it difficult, but on week six my legs had become accustomed to the workouts and I was noticing results. My belly became flatter and my 'love handles' disappeared. My fat levels had reduced, energy levels increased and I even looked fitter. All in all the Boot Camp provided by Ryan was great. He really knows what he's talking about and he's there to help everyone achieve good results."

Velvet says,

"Before arriving I was worried everyone would be superfit and I would struggle. However, after the first session you realise you can go at your own pace and no-one makes you feel uncomfortable. I lost a dress size which has inspired me to carry on losing the extra inches. I had always wanted to exercise in the open air and it lived up to every expectation I had, it was excellent fun. Ryan is a good leader, firm but enocuraging."

Let today be the start of something You.

GROUP-FIT boot camp membership programme includes:

1. Fun Fat Burning and Muscle Toning Workouts

suitable for both men and women of all ages. Two outdoor Boot Camp style bodyweight workouts every week delivered with high energy and enthusiasm by celebrity Personal Trainer Ryan Phillips.

2. Ryan's Home Bodyweight Cardio Video

to follow on your own in between Boot Camp sessions to maximise your fat burning and fitness gains.

3. Ryan's Four Step Goal Setting Guide

to set you off in the right mindset, proven to increase your chances of success by up to 500%!

4. Ryan's Nutrition Manual

in this easy to read and understand 19 page ebook packed with over 16 years of Ryan's experitise in the field of nutrition for weight loss, health and weight management you'll discover the 10 daily habits to guaranteed weight loss and learn how to keep it off for good!

5. Ryan's 4 Foods to Avoid for Rapaid Fat Loss

in this one page report you'll discover which foods to avoid to maximise your weight loss and your long term health.

6. Ryan's Progress Log Spreadsheet

to record your weight, body measurements and strength and fitness to keep a track of your progress and be held accountable to your goals; what gets measured gets managed!

7. Ryan's Daily Motivation Emails

to keep you inspired, motivated, focused and on the ball; daily emails which reinforce the contents of the Nutrition Manual along with extra cutting edge tips and strategies surrounding exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to help make your goals a success.

8. Access to Ryan's Private Facebook Forum

keeping the team spirit alive away from the training sessions; continue your interactions with the other Boot Camp members for moral support plus get personal access to Ryan to have any burning questions answered.

9. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

if after the first 1st week (at least 2 sessions) you feel that Boot Camp is not for you then just send an email to ryan @ and you can request a full refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings!

10. Results Guaranteed!

"I am so confident that you will achieve great results on my GROUP-FIT boot camp programme that if after 4 weeks of attending all the training sessions and following my nutrition and lifestyle advice to the "T" you haven't noticed any significant improvements to how you look and feel then I will gladly refund your payment in full." Ryan Phillips

The GROUP-FIT boot camp training sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:30-19:30 in the Kemptown area in Brighton, U.K.

For full details on payments, cancellations and money back guarantee click here.

Tracey Haran says,

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! I have noticed a real improvement with the exercises, being able to do more in the time limit. It has been great exercising outdoors and meeting lots of new people. I would definitely recommend it. Thanks a lot Ryan."

Rachel Clarkson says,

"I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp and was challenged with exercises that I would not tried otherwise. I felt that I made good progress with my fitness. While I still hate burpees, they're not as painful as they were! The atmosphere was great and I had a lot of fun." 

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