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Online Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) with Ryan Phillips MATCS

In order for more people around the globe to gain access to Ryan's expertise in injury rehab and restoring optimal muscle function, in 2013 Ryan created a unique system for delivering MAT® treatments online. Since then, he has been the only MAT® Specialist in the world to successfully use the MAT® principles to deliver effective treatment sessions online.

"I've been suffering from lower back pain for 10 years and it started to feel unbearable. After trying all sort of things without any results, I found Ryan with MAT and I have to admit that it changed my life."* Cristina Imre


"After a few MAT sessions, I started to improve and was able to build out my workouts again. As I kept improving, I recently managed to run a full marathon again.. Thank you Ryan!"

* Maarten


Here's a handful of 'before' and 'after' screenshots from some of the people Ryan has helped online from a multitude of countries Worldwide including England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Portugal, The Netherlands, America, Australia, New Zealand, Ibiza, Indonesia, Hungary, Singapore, Thailand and Japan:

Ryan Phillips is the only known MAT® practitioner in the world offering MAT® online.

Ryan's online process uses range of motion (ROM) testing to identify any areas of dysfunction.

Based on the ROM limitations found during the initial full body assessment, specifically targeted isometric exercises are carried out to activate the individual muscles associated with the ROM deficiency.

During each session, Ryan personally and patiently guides you through the process from the comfort of your own home.

The process is comfortable, low effort and painless and treatment sessions last for 60 minutes at a time.

Results are immediate!

ROM testing is then carried out at the end of the session to assess your progress.

Screenshots of your ROM assessment (like the ones above) are taken at the start and at the end of your session so that your results can be directly compared and progress can be analysed.

Mark was suffering from knee pain for many years and despite living thousands of miles away in New Zealand, Ryan was able to rid him of his pain via online Muscle Activation Techniques® sessions... In this short interview, Mark talks about his experiences with MAT® online:

"After the first online MAT treatment my neck felt much looser and more mobile. After the second session things were feeling really good and I had no pain in my neck or my back at all."*

Emma Pickering


"Importantly the pain has gone and I'm able to play golf without the burning feeling after the round."* 

David Oversby


Ryan offers a Free 60 minute no obligation consultation via Skype...

so that you can discuss your personal circumstances in detail, find out more about online MAT® and see if Ryan can help you.

As you can see from the time displayed on the screen of Ryan's mobile device in some of the screenshots towards the top of the page, dramatic improvements can be made in as little as 2 minutes!

The majority of the results shown were achieved within just 30 minutes however results may vary from person to person.

Results with MAT® are long lasting unlike the short lived results from stretching, massage, foam rolling and other forms of manual therapy that only focus on "releasing" and treating the symptoms (i.e. muscle tightness).

The key difference is that MAT® focuses on treating the muscle weakness, which is the root cause of the tightness.

Watch a timelapse of an online Muscle Activation Techniques® session where Ryan treats a dysfunctional shoulder:

Here's the results of another 1 hour online Muscle Activation Techniques® session treating a stiff and painful shoulder:

You're only as strong as your weakest link.

"I'm a keen golfer, playing currently off 20.7. I used to continually revert to the exact same numerous 'swing faults' every season. Ryan and I started to work on MAT... After 3 of circa 5 reactivation sessions, I feel like I have a new body and my swing is now very stable and orthodox."*

Matty Ryan


"To sustain running for over two hours is a huge accomplishment, and I have no doubt the MAT sessions are what got me through this long run with little pain."*

Debra Bonson


"It doesn't matter where you are in the world, Ryan can help you online from anywhere so give him a call if you're struggling. I can't thank Ryan enough for fixing my broken body!"*

Chris Smith


"I found my range of motion was very restricted and my body lacked stability during the golf swing. I found MAT very beneficial as it addresses the joint instability and weakness. As a result, my torso rotation improved ie I could swing more freely compared to before which gave me greater swing consistency and greater joint stability adding power which enabled me to hit one club longer."*

Gearoid O'sullivan

"Been having online MAT training with Ryan because of a very painful knee which was really affecting my day to day living. Ryan has been amazing and the pain has completely gone! I am amazed by how well this has worked for me being online and would highly recommend Ryan's services."*

Jessy Cawse


"I've had bad posture for years due to my office job and this has taken its toll on my back. Pain and stiffness in the lower, middle and upper parts of my back and despite stretching and massage, the tightness always comes back. Ryan proved to me how the stretching was actually making my back muscles weaker and he got to work on activating all my weak muscles. I can honestly say that now my posture is much better, I can stand up straight with little effort and I actually feel taller."*

Richard Holmes


Mobility without stability = vulnerability

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