To nourish is to flourish.

Personal Nutrition

Diet and nutrition play a major role in any exercise regime. If you live an active lifestyle then a healthy, well balanced diet is of paramount importance.

Don McDonald


"I thought with all my running I would automatically lose weight!!! The combination of exercise and diet change on the program has helped me lose 10% of my original weight. I no longer desire most of the rubbish I used to eat"*

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Helen Lodge

Mother of 2

"Ryan has really helped me to stay motivated and keep on track when the going gets tough and the will starts to wobble. I really appreciate his practical approach - no gimmicks here; a sensible diet and tailored training programme for lasting results"* 

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Even more so if you follow an exercise programme as your body needs to be appropriately fuelled for your workouts and optimally nourished to recover and regenerate. The bottom line is, whatever your body composition goals, 

70-80% of your success will come from your diet alone.

Making a conscious effort to improve your diet is like making the effort to drive your jaguar to the petrol station and fill it with premium grade fuel instead of fuelling it up with dirty dish water, the difference being, you can buy a new jag!

Its a simple equation for weight management:

Calories IN < Calories OUT = Weight Loss

Calories IN > Calories OUT = Weight Gain

A simple equation but how do you apply it in the real world without starving yourself or going insane? How do you decide which foods to limit, which foods to eat more of or which foods to cut out altogether, what types of foods to eat at what times of the day and so on?

Knowledge here is the key to success. 

Introducing Nutrigenetics... 

As a fully qualified Nutrition Adviser I know exactly how to structure your diet for optimal health and results. Not only that, we also have the option of using the cutting edge branch of medical science, "Nutrigenetics", to determine whether you are "Carbohydrate Sensitive" or "Fat Sensitive", allowing true personalisation of your diet based on your DNA. 

I have access to a genetics testing lab where we can have a sample of your DNA analysed for dietary characteristics. The genetic test result will tell us whether you need to be keeping to a lower carb diet or a lower fat diet thus allowing me to truly personalise your meal plans for the best results and long term health outcomes.

The DNA test is carried out via cheek swabs that you gather in the privacy of your own home. They're then posted off to the lab for analysis. Please note that you are under no obligations whatsoever to take this DNA test, is completely optional. Whether you decide to go ahead with the DNA test or not, I will provide you with sounds nutrition advice; using diet diaries/food logging apps and nutrition guidelines or meal plans, and give you all the dietary tools you'll need to make your goals a success!

It's not a diet. It's healthy eating, for You.



"Ryan also suggested I keep a food diary, which definitely helped me take control of what I was eating. Before I would rack up the calories and couldn't remember everything I'd eaten. By just going through this process, it has made me conscious of my diet and I haven't found it too hard really. Every now and then I really fancy a take away or a glass of wine, and Ryan has advised me on how to 'treat' myself wisely."*

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Rob Lodge

Director - Swiss Re

"Ryan has developed a programme tailored to my needs and harnessed my competitive spirit again. This guy really knows his stuff on all fronts, fitness, nutrition and physiology which combines to give a really effective and enjoyable programme. He's not your stereotypical personal trainer"*

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Samuel Mignot

Managing Director

"Ryan knows exactly how to "translate" the technical terms of nutrition into simple bites everybody can understand! Now I understand how I can prepare my meals."

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