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Build Muscle With Your Own Personal Trainer - For Men

Jonny Mitchell

Love Island 2017 & Celebrity Big Brother 2018

"I was ashamed of how I looked and there is no way I would have wanted to get my top off by the pool in the Love Island villa looking like that! I was amazed what I achieved in only 12 days when I stuck with Ryan's diet and exercise guidance"*

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Lajos Nyeki

Graffiti Artist

"Ryan was motivating, he was committed to my success. I could see and feel that Ryan is an expert in his field"* 

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We all have muscles no matter how weak or frail you might feel right now. Without muscles we wouldn't be able to move around, take care of ourselves and we'd soon perish so the muscle system is one of the most important physiological systems in our body that often doesn't get the credit and care that it truly deserves...

Building more muscle is always a good thing whether your are young, old, male or female (by building muscle I'm not necessarily talking about getting jacked like Arnie but if that's your goal and you have the time and the determination then great, I can help you get jacked too!). 

So back to the importance of building muscle for your health... By the time you're in your 70's, your muscle strength and tone will have declined by roughly 25 percent from what you had in your mid-30's. 

You'll lose up to 50 percent once you approach your 90's! 

Light walking will not suffice if you want to preserve muscle, bone health, balance and posture as you age. If you're not engaging in strength or resistance training, chances are you'll become increasingly less functional with age, which can take a toll on your quality of life and reduce your life expectancy.

The benefits of building more muscle tissue through a well structured resistance training program are:

1. Increased life expectancy 

2. Improved physical strength and endurance

3. Increases in joint range of motion, mobility and flexibility

4. Reduced occurrences of back pain

5. Increased capacity to store more energy, within the muscles

6. Increased insulin sensitivity (or reduced insulin resistance/Type 2 diabetes)

7. Aesthetically sculpting the body to create that athletic "V-tapered" look

8. Increased metabolism; the more muscle you have the more energy your body burns at rest

9. Improved balance, coordination and motor skills

10. Improved posture

11. Increased bone mineral density and reduced risk of osteoporosis

Ryan has been a dedicated student of the Resistance Training Specialist® (RTS®) training programme for over 10 years and continues to study to further his knowledge in this field. 

"It's only once you have begun to study through the RTS® programme that you quickly realise that this level of education should undoubtedly be the norm for ALL Personal Trainers, not the exception few! If you find a Personal Trainer who has studied RTS® (sadly only a tiny minority of the UK's Personal Trainers) then you know for sure that they take you, your health and your goals very seriously and that you'll be in very safe hands." Ryan Phillips.

Let Personal Trainer Ryan Phillips design you a safe and effective resistance training programme like you've never experienced before and start improving your muscle strength, size and health ASAP.

Richard Jones


"I've tried a lot of personal trainers, but Ryan is on another level. What I liked about Ryan was his enthusiasm and his knowledge in both training techniques and diet. With him I lost a total of over 20 kilos (over 3 stone) and that includes the muscle mass I gained. My waistline went from 114cm (45 inches) to 88.7 cm (35 inches). It has made a tremendous impact on my life. I no longer have back pain, I feel more confident, and just feel so much healthier."* 

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Chris Page

Senior Teaching Fellow

"Thank you Ryan for all the motivation, encouragement and knowledge you've shared with me to help me make my health a priority"*

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